It was another scattered news week


Apparently Iraq would have had to have been carrying a communicable disease to maintain its stranglehold on the newshole during the week of 5/27/07-6/1/07, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism. The saga of the traveler with tuberculosis, riding various airplanes and a lot of cable coverage, was the only story to break into double digits on the overall media chart with 12%.

The 2008 campaign also beat out any of the numerous Mideast categories. And even there, the usual Iraq front runner, the policy debate, took a back seat to events in the country and on the homefront. Add those three together and Iraq was back on top overall with 15% of the newshole, while Iran and Afghanistan stories took the Mideast to 20% (4% and 1%, respectively). The outbreak of violence in Lebanon, claiming 6% of media attention the week before, was the biggest story to drop off the chart completely. Other than a 2% focus on global warming, there were no major meteorological stories of note. Immigration was a fairly hot topic on radio, but was of mild or no interest elsewhere.

Story Overall Newspr Online NetTV CATV Radio
TB traveler 12% 4% 6% 16% 24% 7%
2008 campaign 9% 8% 5% 7% 13% 15%
Iraq events 7% 8% 14% 6% 3% 5%
Iraq homefront 4% 5% 5% 3% 4% 5%
Immigration 4% 5% x x 5% 9%
Iran 4% x 10% 7% 4% 1%
Iraq policy 4% 3% x 4% 5% 7%
Global warming 2% 3% x 4% x 2%
Sudan/Dafur 2% x 4% 3% x x
Afghanistan 1% x 3% 3% x 3%
General war on terror x 3% x x x x
Supreme Court x 2% x x x x
Energy debate x 2% x x x x
Russian spy death x x 4% x x x
Israel/Palestine x x 4% x x x
Russia/US relations x x 3% x x x
Memorial Day x x x 3% x x
Rosie O'Donnell x x x x 2% x
Dan Bartlett resigns x x x x 2% x
Chavez/Venezuela TV x x x x 2% x
Congress x x x x x 4%

Source: Project for Excellence in Journalism