It was to be a 'Super Bowl Day' not a 'Politics Day'


Watching CBS network basically filling time with anything that they tossed against the wall is just part of the build up to kick off, the ‘Half Time Show’ with ‘The WHO’, the ‘Game’ to the close of the most watched event of the year on TV.

It is about football, the game, the commercials, and the fun but then at 4:30pm ET what did CBS do?  They drop in a Live/Exclusive interview of Katie Couric with President Obama that sucked up over 20 minutes of Super Bowl Sunday.

What is wrong with CBS? What executive approved this dumb stunt? Super Bowl Sunday is one day of the year that politics in most circles is put to the side. Obama and Couric took advantage by interrupting hundreds of millions of viewers glued to their 52″ screens to spill bull. This was unnecessary and uncalled for by CBS and the Obama administration.

Now I would like to see the ratings for that slot and see how many people grabbed for their remote and went to the NFL network or other programming. CBS you just shot your creditability and should get your cup kicked up around your shoulder pads. The event of the year and you CBS blew it.

It is Super Bowl Day not Politics Day.

ps: Last, the 2010 Census Super Bowl commerical that cost taxpayers over $2.5 million, was just plain terrible. Again, another government waste of tax payer hard earned dollars. Or we as was that $2.5 million spent to get that so called exclusive interview?

(source: Jim Carnegie, Publisher & Editor RBR-TVBR)