Italian Radio Finds Efficiencies with Enco


ENCO-AutomationA radio group in Italy is finding efficiencies with the Enco DAD Radio automation platform.

Radio Magic is a two-station FM network broadcasting to three provinces in the Naples region of southern Italy.

It’s been using the Enco automation system since 1995 and finds the system minimizes manual workload and the costs of running a broadcast operation with a small staff. The latest upgrades for Radio Magic include the integration of new playlist creation and remote connectivity tools that further empower operators to manage music and advertising playout across both stations.

Radio Magic has now incorporated Enco’s Ensemble Music Scheduler software which simplifies playlist scheduling and creation.

The upgrade also tightens the communication between DAD and Radio Magic’s traffic and billing system, enabling operators to automatically import, merge and reconcile traffic files with playlists for a cleaner business operation.

“DAD has always worked well for us, and has simplified our work from both a time and staff point of view; without it, we would need at least 12 operators just to manage our on-air operation alone,” said Radio Magic GM Raffaele Barbieri.



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