It’s all in the translation


SoldAn FM translator serving the Grand Forks ND market is heading for a new owner. In this case, the buyer will have to go to the trouble of building it. Broker: World Radio Link Inc.

The station is K291BT.

The deal will be reversing a trend in which we are seeing quite a few stations going from commercial to noncommercial broadcasters. This one is headed in the opposite direction.

The seller is Horizon Christian Fellowship, CFO John A. Laudadio signed off on the deal.

The buyer is Gopher Communications Company, headsed by Christopher J. Fee.

The price is $40,000 cash.

The 106.1 MHz facility does a good job of covering its city of license.

According to the application, the translator has been earmarked to rebroadcast KKLQ-FM Harwood ND, which is an Educational Media Foundation station serving the Fargo ND-Moorhead MN market..