It’s not just a device, it’s an addiction


TabletsA new study shows that many individuals have what may be an unhealthy relationship with their technology devices, despite the fact that 75% or Americans think their usage is balanced.

According to the Tech-Life Balance Survey, a majority of Americans can’t make it through two hours without checking their device. And a quarter can’t make it past 30 minutes without checking for messages or what have you.

The survey was conducted by GMI Research.

According to the survey:

* 75% of men believe their tech life is balanced, but 84% admit to such behavior as “having checked a mobile device while driving, in a movie theater, at a funeral or during a child’s play/recital.”

* Women are much the same, although many are said to feel guilty about it; further 62% predict “…technology will ruin humans’ ability to communicate in the future.”

*Millennials are the most connected, but perhaps because of that are feeling the stress – 31% say they’d like to go back to a time when everybody did not have the possibility of ubiquitous connection.

“These findings illustrate that Americans are wary of how much time they spend engaged with technology,” said Marketing Manager Ed Walker. “Our technology consumes so much of our time, much of which is spent waiting for our devices to start up. Less time wasted waiting on slow electronics would mean more time to spend with family and friends.”


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