It’s Prime Time for Philly Class A


SoldAn active buyer of large market low power television stations has struck again with a deal to pick up Class A WPSJ-CD serving the Philadelphia PA DMA.

The buyer is Prime Time Partners, headed by Jose Rodriguez. The sellers are Paul Engle, divesting his 75% stake, and Barbara Ciric, who is divesting the remaining 25%.

According to George Kimble of Kozacko Media Services, the price will be $1.65M.

The station has signed on with new Hispanic television entrant MundoFox, which will make it a good fit for other Prime Time low power outlets in New York and Boston. According to Kimble, an LMA will be put in place until closing.

This will be at least the fourth such facility bought by Prime Time in the past year of so. It filed 7/26/11 to acquire WMBQ-CA in New York for $5.25M; it filed 12/14/11 to acquire WFXZ-CD in Boston for $2.9M; and it filed 1/19/12 to acquire WSPF-CD in Tampa St. Petersburg for $500K.