J.C. Corcoran headed to Houston


After almost 30 years and not quite as many radio stations, J.C. Corcoran is leaving St. Louis for the Lone Star State. On March 21, Corcoran will join KKRW “The Arrow,” Houston’s classic-rock station, as host of the morning-drive show, 5:30 to 10 a.m.

Never one to shy away from controversy or confrontation, Corcoran worked at — and often got fired from — St. Louis’ most prominent radio stations. An unofficial count includes KSHE, KSD (twice), KIHT, KLOU, KTRS, KYKY and KMOX.

“People started trying to run me out of town two weeks after I got here back in 1984.” Corcoran told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “So I consider it a moral victory that it took them 29 years to do it.”

When he started at KSHE in 1984, Corcoran brought with him the trend of music jocks commenting on politics and news events, something which had begun to grow nationwide in the early 1980s.

“He changed the way we do radio in St. Louis, period,” said John Ulett, who as “JC & The U-Man” teamed with Corcoran two times for a total of 10 years. “Before him, we were pretty conservative, pretty stiff.”

Former Post-Dispatch critic Eric Mink said Corcoran sparked those changes shortly after his arrival.

“It was apparent early on that he was something different in the St. Louis radio market, which had become sort of complacent,” Mink said. “He had no knowledge of the ‘sacred cows’ … so he really shook things up.”

Marc Sherman, operations manager for Clear Channel in Houston, said: “He’ll bring a fun, new approach to ‘The Arrow’ that our audience will definitely enjoy.”

Corcoran also will contribute to KTRH and KPRC, two Clear Channel news-talkers.

See the St. Louis Post-Dispatch story here


  1. Good luck Houston, and thank you for taking this has been away from St. Louis. His act got old after his fifth year in town. All he does is complain when things don’t go his way, and runs people down to make his small self appear bigger.

    I give it three years, and he’ll get fired from the station that he’s going to since they’ll get sick or his unreasonable demands, and an ego that’s bigger than the Astrodome.

    • Wow, was it really 1984? I remember JC on the air, I was a senior in high school (Fort Zumwalt, the original one)…and I would listen to the morning show…and at the end of every show, at sign-off…he said something that; TO THIS DAY…I say myself.

      Love him, hate him…whatever. He influenced this radio broadcaster before I even knew what a splicing block was.

      Hey, besides…ya gotta hire him, before you can fire him, right?


      Good luck, JC, you’ll need it…! Just keep your mouth shut and you’ll be fine!


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