J.D. Power Welcomes A Tech, Media and Telco Leader


An individual who most recently operated his own boutique strategy and guidance consulting practice has joined J.D. Power to lead a growing group of experts in its Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice.

Joining J.D. Power is Ian Greenblatt, who long ago caught the eye of J.D. Power’s top leadership.

“For several years, I’ve admired the way Ian Greenblatt thinks and executes in a business environment,” said President/CEO Dave Habiger. “He is adept at identifying risks and taking the necessary steps to turn those risks into success stories. His skill set—particularly in technology and media—will benefit our clients in ways that will have a measurable effect on their customer satisfaction and their business results.”

Greenblatt’s experience includes roles as VP/Strategy & Business Development at ARRIS, a set-top box and cable modem technology firm. Before that, Greenblatt was responsible for content strategy and business development at Motorola Mobility.

“Technology, media and telecommunications are evolving at such a fast pace that it’s even hard for individuals in these industries to keep up,” Greenblatt said. “In so many ways, these industries intersect one another, and it will be my goal to bring J.D. Power data-driven insights and strategic consulting services to the companies that live in these worlds.”