J.G. Wentworth launches new TV spot


What’s better than a troupe of Vikings singing a Wagnerian operetta about selling structured settlement payments? How about a city bus full of workaday people doing the same thing, with the requisite Viking thrown in for effect? That, in a nutshell, is how J.G. Wentworth is following up its successful “Opera” 877-CASH-NOW TV campaign, commencing this week.

J.G. Wentworth spokesperson David Evanson tells RBR-TVBR the segment will run nationwide on most major cable networks such as USA Network and TBS: “J.G. Wentworth will run the ads on a wide variety of shows as that has proven to be the most effective way to reach its audience.”

To date, over 150,000 consumers have viewed the original Opera ad on YouTube, with nearly 1,000 providing text comments regarding the spot. “Opera,” won numerous national and international awards, including a silver Davey award and two International Summit prizes. The original “Opera” drove record inbound telephone and web volume into J.G. Wentworth’s sales center. “I’ll be happy if we achieve the same type of results with “Bus Opera” as we did with the original ‘Opera,’” he added.

As ridiculous as the premise of “Opera” is, the ad is a good example of “direct branding,” marrying memorable images of a company’s brand with an effective direct response mechanism, in this case the 877-CASH-NOW phone number.

With ‘Bus Opera,’ the creative is even more targeted to our core customer, and depicts everyday working Americans who are singing about selling structured settlement payments for cash now. Both spots were produced by Karlin+Pimsler.

Still in production are two additional J.G. Wentworth TV spots which will debut later in the spring.