Jack’s Back!


Jack, the iconic founder of Jack in the Box restaurants, emerged from his “coma” earlier this week and made his first public appearance with several initiatives tied to the chain’s brand-reinvention strategy. Jack’s miraculous recovery can be seen in the fourth ad of the chain’s brand campaign, which kicked-off on Super Bowl Sunday.

The company introduced a new logo that sends a clear signal to consumers that today’s Jack in the Box is not the Jack of the past. The company also announced that a new Jack in the Box website will launch later this month.

A major element of the company’s strategic initiative to reinvent the Jack in the Box brand is a comprehensive restaurant re-imaging program that includes a complete redesign of the dining room and common areas.

Later this month, Jack in the Box will launch a new product platform with the introduction of Mini Sirloin Burgers, which feature a trio of all-sirloin patties topped with American cheese, grilled onions and ketchup served on bakery-style buns reminiscent of Hawaiian sweet rolls.

Though the company’s brand campaign has included multiple TV and radio commercials, the heart of the campaign has resided on the Internet, where the chain’s ads and viral videos have been viewed more than 4.3 million times. Jack in the Box also created an interactive website at www.HangInThereJack.com where visitors could view the ads and videos, sign up for e-mail alerts regarding Jack’s condition and post get-well messages. Jack’s assistant, Barbara, took on the role of updating his Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep fans updated on his health. In the four weeks since the bus accident, more than 77,000 get well wishes and videos were posted on the website and on Jack’s Facebook and MySpace pages and on Twitter. The surge of social networking around Jack continued as more than 67,000 people signed up to receive updates on Jack’s condition through the website, Jack’s Facebook page and Jack’s Twitter account.