Jacobs Media announces “Radio’s Most Innovative”


radios-most-innovativeNearly 100 years since the first commercial radio station signed on, the radio industry continues to have a major impact on American culture due to constant innovation.  The threats have been numerous – 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, the Internet, and today, new competition from pureplay competitors like satellite radio and Pandora, yet the radio industry continues to foster innovation as a key to its growth and survival.

To champion and promote innovation in radio, consulting firm Jacobs Media announced the creation of “Radio’s Most Innovative” – a weekly award that will shine the spotlight on the people, teams, and brands who continue to keep the industry vibrant and vital.  Honorees from commercial and public radio, as well as the U.S., Canada, and beyond will be showcased each “Innovation Friday” in the JacoBlog – Jacobs Media’s daily perspective on the intersection of radio, media, and technology.

In announcing the project, company President Fred Jacobs writes,  “Innovation in radio knows no boundaries.  It occurs in programming and promotion, but also in digital, mobile, social media, and even in the sales department.  It can be a concept, a product, or even a new format.  Innovation happens in the corner office, but also in the production studio and in other surprising parts of radio companies.  We hope to receive submissions that champion innovators from all parts of the industry. The overriding goal of our ‘Radio’s Most Innovative’ initiative is to be a positive force, highlighting amazing people and the things they are doing.  And from this attention, we’re hoping that we can all learn from and be inspired by these examples.”

Jacobs Media is a Detroit-based media research and consulting firm, specializing in radio, television, and new media.  The company co-partners with the DASH “connected car” conference that will take place in Detroit on October 15-16.  Its jacapps division develops mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.  To date, the company has created more than 850 apps that have generated more than 21 million downloads since the company was launched in 2008.