Jacobs Media debuts “Killer iPhone App”


Jacobs Media announces the development of an application for the iPhone where listeners can access individual station streams on their iPhone with the touch of a button. This app is unique because the radio station’s logo is on the iPhone desktop (instead of a generic logo), and listeners directly access the station’s audio stream instead of having to access a directory or third party applications.

In addition, this app allows stations to provide up to five individual streams, including HD channels and other custom streams under a single icon/logo.

“Everyone knows that the key for radio is to get its streams on mobile devices, and the iPhone is the most popular, buzz-worthy mobile device,” Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs announced. “With this app, stations will not only be able to stream on the iPhone, but listeners will be able to access the stream with a touch of the station’s icon on the desktop, instead of scrolling through long lists of stations.”

For more info go to www.jacobsiphone.com.

Greater Media is the first radio company to purchase the iPhone app. WRIF is currently active and will soon be followed by WMMR, WBOS, and WRAT.