Jacobs Media Gearing Up For Techsurvey 2023


Why should your radio station participate in what Jacobs Media calls “Radio’s Largest Online Survey”?

“Past surveys have enabled us to identify key digital trends including smart speakers and the rise of voice technologies, on-demand audio and video entertainment options like podcasts and Netflix, and the surge in social media usage,” the consultancy says.

Jacobs Media is presently preparing for Jacobs Media’s 19th annual Techsurvey, set to field early next year. This study is the radio broadcasting industry’s largest online survey, with participation from more than 470 radio stations and nearly 31,000 core radio listeners surveyed last year. The survey is open to commercial radio stations in the U.S. and Canada and examines the online habits of radio audiences.

Jacobs Media notes, “In TS2023 we’ll continue our trending on gadgets and media use, with a unique opportunity to learn more about how life and lifestyles have changed – with some perhaps temporarily and others for good. We’ll track work-from-home, and its effect on listening, as well as whether habits and routines are returning to ‘normal.’”

Jacobs Media notes that separate Public Radio and Christian Music companion studies will follow, with registration for each opening in the coming weeks.

Deadline for registration for Techsurvey 2023 is Thursday, December 22.

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