Jammin’ Z90’s Big Bus rolls home to San Diego


XHTZLocal Media San Diego’s XHITZ-FM Jammin’ Z90 Tijuana-San Diego welcomed the return of its biggest promotional vehicle ever, the “Big Bus.” Back in the 90’s, the 50-foot bus was a familiar sight throughout San Diego County and cruised around in its colorful enormity turning heads and showing up at station and community events… and sometimes, at competitors’ events.

The Big Bus was sold off in the late ‘90’s when new station owners cut related costs, but problem solved when R Dub!, PD of Jammin’ Z90, bought a new tour bus to use for his nationally syndicated program, Sunday Night Slow Jams.  Earlier this year Sunday Night Slow Jams and Jammin’ Z90 inked a partnership to use the bus, locally, for the radio station.  Now…The Big Bus is back in business for Jammin’ Z90 and San Diegans are excited!

Jammin’ Z90’s Big Bus is sponsored by Pepsi, and is outfitted with a full broadcast studio and media center inside. “The people’s bus” travels to a variety of locations at listeners’ requests and treats San Diegans to free prizes such as concert tickets, cash, and a busload of free Pepsi. The Jammin’ Z90 Big Bus not only appears at major events and concerts, but also makes surprise visits to bake sales, charity carwashes, Quinceañeras, and more.

R Dub! said: “It’s about time San Diego radio shakes things up again! Since I’ve been here I’ve heard, ‘Whatever happened to the Big Bus?’ a million times. It was such an integral part of the Jammin’ Z90 DNA for so many years and was definitely a force to be reckoned with! But the bus isn’t just about looking awesome and crashing other radio stations’ remotes. We’ll be using it as a way to connect with listeners and support important local charities by promoting non-profit events as our commitment to doing good for our community. But yeah, crashing our competitors’ remotes will be awesome, too!”