Jeep leverages Organic's marketing intel


Digital communications agency Organic announced the results of its predictive econometric modeling capabilities from its year-long program with Jeep. Organic’s Marketing Intelligence practice has upped traditional modeling and measurements by evaluating info from a broader set of inputs and continuously optimizing the marketing spend to enhance ROI. As a result, Organic says it delivered a 15% savings, which when implemented, returned $17 million in marketing value for the brand.

Potentially of greater impact to the Jeep brand’s business, while looking at the media spend across all channels, Organic was able to predict total retail sales for Jeep within 1 percent of actual numbers in 2008, despite tremendous turbulence in the overall economic market.

“Organic’s econometric modeling transformed our approach to evaluating data, from a ‘rear view mirror’ report into a ‘reliable projection tool’ that helps Chrysler control marketing spend and manage ROI,” said Chuck Sullivan, Director, Interactive, Chrysler LLC. “This kind of visibility and insight is extremely important to us. We are now able to optimize marketing spend in a way we didn’t think was possible.”

Organic initially tackled Chrysler’s disparate, dealer-centric models and customized its analytics and search capabilities to uncover inefficiencies within the marketing spend. The Organic team collected custom data from a wide variety of sources (real-time, dealer, corporate, offline, online, environmental and batch feeds) into one consolidated data model.

Realizing the power of this approach, Jeep and Organic worked together to create a series of proprietary algorithms to predict business success based on multiple variables in the sales ecosystem. These variables spanned the spectrum of data sources from something as precise as web clicks, all the way to macro-economic factors such as housing starts, the value of the dollar, gasoline prices and inflation. This insight gave the Jeep management team the ability to optimize the overall media spend, as well as spending by media channel, to achieve marketing and sales objectives. The team continually optimizes marketing spend based on any new information, and as a result, the brand’s advertising programs are now operating at unprecedented levels of efficiency.