Jelli launches social ad platform for terrestrial radio


Jelli, an online social music service, has unveiled a new advertising platform that combines the reach of terrestrial radio with the engagement and measurement of the social web. Jelli affiliates currently use online and mobile listener input to choose the station’s music both on-air and on their online streams—within format parameters set by the station.

The new as platform incorporates the user engagement from Jelli’s social platform with terrestrial radio spots served on the air from Jelli. Listeners control radio playlists through real-time voting and game elements, via free iPhone and Android apps and web experience (

The new platform includes:

–Jelli Response, an ad unit that enables a terrestrial radio ad spot, served from Jelli’s platform, to receive the same real-time social feedback from the audience that a song receives on a Jelli broadcast.

–Jelli Insights, an analytics platform which provides agencies and radio buyers insights as to how the audience reacts to each campaign, by demographic and region.

Here’s how it works: The Jelli social music experience allows listeners to control what plays on a terrestrial radio station from the web, iPhone and Android devices. Jelli users vote for the artists and songs they want to hear, creating dynamic playlists that determine in real-time what plays. Jelli’s community interacts with each other in live chat rooms and can easily connect their accounts to Facebook to share what they’re listening to with their friends. Jelli’s cloud-based platform takes this engagement and serves programming in real-time on actual FM radio broadcasts.

With Jelli Response ads, the platform serves the radio spot on-air, simultaneously presenting the ad to users who can interact in real-time with it as it plays, via Jelli for iPhone, Jelli for Android and the station’s website. A Jelli Insights report is created, summarizing the engagement data from the radio campaign, including by demographic and region.

This platform is available immediately for national and network radio advertisers. Jelli’s first campaigns using this new platform will begin to run next week in markets across the nation. Jelli says the initial clients include some of the largest radio buyers and brands in the world.

“We are reimagining the radio spot, making it more engaging and interactive,” said Mike Dougherty, Jelli’s CEO. “The advertising industry is eager for innovation from radio, to move a radio campaign from the world of ‘did it run?’ to ‘did it resonate?’ Pre-launch support from the largest agencies and their clients has exceeded our expectations.”

RBR-TVBR observation: In the U.S. Jelli’s biggest competitor is Listener-Driven Radio (LDR). As with Jelli, listeners control what the stations play online via their smartphones, PCs and laptops the stations’ websites. LDR President Daniel Anstandig tells RBR-TVBR they’ve had interactive ads as part of their platform for some time now, but no word if the ads are serving radio spots on air, as with Jelli. Either way, an ad response platform is enticing to agencies and marketers because of the listener feedback and interaction. The sell for advertisers is not only interaction, but measurement and “free” viral social marketing.