Jerry Doyle opines on the economy on Fox & Friends


Talk Radio Network Enterprises’ host Jerry Doyle recently appeared as a special financial expert on FNC’s Fox & Friends.  Doyle discussed his thoughts on the economic crisis and the big three auto bailout. Doyle expressed views that many Americans have, but few can articulate.  The Jerry Doyle Show reaches 3 million listeners every week, according to Talkers Magazine (Spring 2008 Radio Audiences Report) and is heard on over 240 stations.

Doyle’s appearance on Fox & Friends focused on the bailout of the big three automakers.  The House passed the measure which was crafted by Democrats and the White House with scant Republican support.

Doyle’s response was, “First of all, I am for NO bailout at all.”  He continued by saying, “if the big three automakers had been the only entities that came to taxpayers and said we need some help; I think people would have said let’s bailout the big three.”  Doyle pointed out that General Motors was losing $181,000 per minute in the second quarter of this year.  “We cannot get in the business of selecting who succeeds and who fails, who bails and who doesn’t, because ultimately the question is who is going to bailout the bailouters?  We the taxpayers are ultimately going to be on the hook for this.  We are the bailouters.”

Doyle also criticized politicians handling the bailout.  Doyle said, “Arresting Treasury Secretary Paulson would be a good start.”  Doyle goes on to say that Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke should resign because he is incompetent and that the current head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Chris Cox should be fired.