Jetcast partners with Spacial Audio


JetCast now has a turn-key solution for all affiliates; combining Spacial Audio’s SAM Broadcaster and StreamAds into one package. The ability to let first level users share bandwidth, which helps feed additional users, is a major reason why JetCast broadcast customers hold bandwidth costs down.

Spacial Audio CEO Bryan Payne explains: "Being able to stream programming at a lower cost is required if you want to grow an internet station’s audience. We see the advantages of Jetcast, and know that broadcasters will too. They add a strong image to our growing list of Spacial software resellers."

Spacial software brings improvement in two areas for JetCast users. Internet broadcasters will find the simplicity of Spacial StreamAds software (bundled within the JetCast radio package) ideally suited to frame their ad sales program. By offering SAM Broadcaster and StreamAds to its affiliates, Jetcast is expanding the availability of Spacial Audio’s broadcast and internet software.


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