Jets tap Fly Communications for new stadium


The NY Jets have tapped Manhattan agency Fly Communications to develop the messaging, direct mail, collateral, and interactive micro-website to showcase the new stadium, which can be found at

The initial theme and tagline was revealed this week at the Meadowlands. The line, “Finally, we’re the home team,” addresses the fact that the team has essentially been a tenant—a visitor—in every venue they’ve ever played in, starting with their first game as the New York Titans in the Polo Grounds in 1960.

The new stadium is being built right next door to Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands. The Jets will not be renters or visitors, but owners. “The Jets have a unique story to tell, one that speaks to the decades-long yearning of their fans to finally be a true home team in their own stadium,” says Dave Warren, Co-Founder of Fly. “That’s the emotion we are tapping into with the new stadium website and through our messaging.”