Jim Carnegie Dies


Jim CarnegieThe founder of RBR+TVBR, Jim Carnegie, has died.

Carnegie and his wife Cathy founded the publication in 1983 and built it into one of the strongest brands in the broadcasting industry.

Cathy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2012. Jim Carnegie sold the publication to Streamline Publishing Chairman Eric Rhoads in 2013.

Jim Carnegie died of natural causes, according to the Confirmation from Pinellas County, Florida Medical Examiner.

He was 66.

UPDATE: Friends have organized a “Celebration of Life” service for both Jim and his wife Cathy Carnegie.

The service is set for Sunday, August 21st at 5PM at Caddy’s on the Beach in Treasure Island, which is a beach in the St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida area.

A reception will follow the service. Organizers ask those who come to bring photos and stories you would like to share. Spread the word and please RSVP on Jim’s Facebook page if you can stay for the reception.


  1. Broadcasting lost one of the great Radio trade press stand up guys. I met Jim at KQV when he was a top 40 PD. Then to Jerry’s Inside Radio–and I bought his first Radio Business report issue.

  2. Leslie: Radio Trade Press has lost one its great Stand up Guys. God threw away the model after he put Jim here. i met Jim afte he changed his polish nams to Carnegie. it’s pittsburgh , right.?my favorite memories of jim were at his one of a kind NAB Auditorium Breakfast sessions–as jim went up and down the main aisles—picking on some famous Radio group Head–with jim’s question–” You told us 3 months agothat you weren’t for Sale–now yopur press Release yesterday says you’re really in play. Were you lying then or are you lying now–speak up so everyone can hear you?”

  3. Pat and I had occasion to have some lunch with Cathy an Jim decades ago. We became friends. Both loved radio and the people in it. Both are gone. They will be missed by many including us. Kent Burkhart.

  4. I just an so saddened by this. Both Jim and Cathy gone… Jim was one of the industry’s most loving critics. He loved radio but could also be honest in pointing out its shortcomings. He was a true leader in establishing a vibrant, honest, and conscientious trade press for radio which had been lacking until the 1970’s.

  5. Long before Jim became a publisher, he was my program director in Kansas City. He did an outstanding job. Any time after he left working in radio and we would see each other, he always reminded me that Rush Limbaugh worked for us as a DJ using a different name.

    It is truly a sad day for radio, with his passing.

  6. So sorry to hear this. Jim was a true original, passionate about radio, and gone far too soon.

  7. Re; Jim Carnegie and Kathy

    Hard to believe we have lost them both and those of us with any history in broadcasting know we have lost two treasures. They founded and developed a much needed and respected publication with integrity.
    The Mahlman Company was his first radio broker advertiser and supporter. Who could not love Kathy and appreciate their contribution to our industry.

    Bob Mahlman Sr.

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