Jim Gabbert back to host “Retro Night” on KOFY


Granite Broadcasting’s KOFY TV20-Cable 13 SF Bay announced the return media maverick Jim Gabbert as the permanent host of “Retro Night,” a weekly KOFY series that not only brings some of the best television programs of the past back to the airwaves, but also proactively engages local viewers.

Since its relaunch in October 2008, KOFY-TV has been committed to infusing the local, creative and innovative flavor that Jim Gabbert, former station owner, created under his colorful reign — but with a modern twist. Gabbert, bought KOFY in 1980 and sold it in 1998 to Granite. Now, back at the station he built, he has the perfect platform to reintroduce his non-traditional, outrageous ways.

“Our viewers have expressed how much they miss Jim. Having this Bay Area icon host KOFY’s Retro Night couldn’t be a better fit,” says Craig Coane, President and GM of KOFY. “Retro Night involves audiences in the TV-watching experience and, simply put, Jim knows how to engage them further!”

Airing Sunday nights from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., Retro Night not only brings some of the best television series of the past back to the airwaves, but also engages local viewers with a proactive campaign to involve audiences in the TV-watching experience. Each week, viewers have the chance to choose among retro classics like “Happy Days,” “Mork and Mindy,” “The Monkees,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Barney Miller,” “Laverne & Shirley,” and more.