John Curley returns to KIRO Radio


KIRO Radio 97.3 FM Seattle announced the return of John Curley to evenings, and a partnership with Andrew Walsh, to create a new program called The John Curley Show with Andrew Walsh, heard weekdays from 7 to 10 p.m.

“With John’s comfortable style and story-telling skills he naturally fits well in a night time setting,” said Pete Gammell, KIRO Radio Program Director. “Partner John’s entertaining approach with Andrew’s newsy perspective, and you have a completely new dynamic and compelling show.”

Curley spent 14 years hosting Evening Magazine on KING-TV, where he developed the skill to take mundane moments and turn them into hilarious story-telling.

Walsh has been at KIRO Radio since 2010, producing KIRO Radio’s Ross and Burbank Show and co-hosting the Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL) podcast with Luke Burbank and hosting The Andrew Walsh Show since October of 2012.

Andrew started his radio career in New Hampshire, where he served as a public radio producer for eight years, and spent one year at KUOW Public Radio in Seattle as producer.


  1. Now I know I won’t be listening anymore. The evening show goes on and on about subjects already covered earlier in the day and now the show will go on, and on, and on. John does what my grandmother use to call “prattling” . A lot of talking, without saying anything interesting.

  2. Finally, John is back, and I’m pleased. Maybe he is not for everyone, you have to have a good sense of humour to like him. I’ve been enjoying listening to Andrew, and he does a great job. Curley is funny, a great story teller, and yes, good with just talking. They are great together. Really, what else do you want for evening entertainment!!

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