John Deere campaign launches “Deere Season”


John Deere’s Worldwide Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division announces the launch of the Spring campaign, "Everything we’ve learned goes into everything we do," developed in conjunction with GSD&M Idea City. Holding on to the legendary tag, "Nothing Runs Like A Deere," the new campaign demonstrates the more than 170 years of John Deere innovation and spotlights the John Deere Dealer support through television, online and print.

In "Shoulders of Giants," TV viewers experience the heritage and power of the brand via sweeping images of John Deere equipment in action harvesting corn fields, protecting flood-threatened job sites, moving frozen earth on snow-covered mountains, and finally caring for a homeowner’s property — implying the power of the brand in any capacity.

"Worth the Wait" conveys the pride customers experience when the local dealer delivers their first John Deere riding mower to their home.

"Green and Yellow" taps into the emerging lifestyle of the "ruralpolitan" consumer, proving that John Deere is the company that knows tractors.

"Having Fun" encourages customers to "unleash" the powerful XUV utility vehicle into the great outdoors.