John Dickey responds to claims of salary cuts at Cumulus


RBR-TVBR asked John Dickey, Cumulus COO, to respond to a story from Jerry Del Colliano’s Inside Music Media newsletter 1/6 that Cumulus was moving to half salary compensation: “Half salaries are being ‘offered’ to talented air personalities.  To be fair, not everybody is going to work for reduced pay, but it’s also true that not everyone at Cumulus from here on out will make 100% of their former compensation…Cumulus officials are basically telling employees they will be allowed to keep their jobs if their pay gets cut.  I am sure Lew Dickey wouldn’t want to work for less money this year than he made last (and that was plenty). Yet, the economy is so bad and the contraction of local radio so pervasive that many – if not most of those approached with taking reduced compensation are taking it.”

Responded Dickey: “Jerry makes up everything he writes.  You knew the answer to that before you emailed me.”

RBR-TVBR observation: We have heard nothing on recent salary cuts at Cumulus. However, we are not passing judgment, either way. Some employees would much rather take a cut in salary than be terminated altogether. If you know of such cuts, feel free to email us at [email protected], or at the bottom of this story.