John Shaffer named APTRA President


Beasley Broadcast Las Vegas announced that KDWN-AM Program Director John Shaffer has been elected the 2013-2014 President of the Associated Press Television and Radio Association (APTRA) representing thirteen western states, including California, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska and Oregon. The passing of the gavel took place at APTRA’s annual Mark Twain Awards Banquet, held Saturday, June 22nd at the Pasadena Convention Center, in Pasadena, CA.  Mr. Shaffer has served as Vice President of the APTRA Board of Directors for the last two years and as the Nevada Radio representative on the board for the past four years.

Beasley Las Vegas Market Manager Tom Humm comments, “John serves as Program Director and News Director for KDWN and is perfect for this position.  He is a perfectionist, and believes in the importance of both maintaining integrity and getting information out to our communities in a timely manner. These skills will serve him well as president of APTRA.”

APTRA’s purposes are to advance journalism through the media of radio and television, to co-operate with the Associated Press in order to make available an accurate and impartial record of the news, and to serve as a liaison between representatives of the radio and television stations in the 13 states listed above that are members of the Associated Press and the management thereof.

Additionally, APTRA holds annual Mark Twain Awards, honoring the best in Radio and TV Journalism in the 13 western states; bestows an annual scholarship to a Collegiate Journalism student who attends college in one of the 13 states; and conducts the APTRA Academy in which working journalists collaborate with aspiring journalists and students to produce a real life news story – usually a hostage situation or natural disaster – in which the participants cover the events of the day as they unfold and receive a usable, real world audition tape at the end of the project.