Journal soups up Knoxville radio cluster


$6M WNOX-FM Knoxville TN (Oak Ridge TN) from Oak Ridge FM Inc. (John W. Pirkle) to Journal Broadcast Corporation (Steven J. Smith). $300K escrow, balance in cash at closing less $45K credit for repairs. Superduopoly with WCYQ-FM, WKJT-FM, WWST-FM. [FCC file date 12/26/12]

$75,532.50 WWAM-AM Knoxvile TN (Powell TN) from WMCH Radio Inc. (Kenneth C. Hill) to Arm & Rage LLC (Joseph E. Armstrong). $60K deposit, balance in cash at closing. Seller holds right of first refusal to repurchase for seven years. [FCC file date 12/21/12]