Juan Williams reacts to NPR action (video)


National Public Radio completed its review of the bungled firing of commentator Juan Williams, costing one top exec her bonus and another exec her job. Williams told Fox News Channel that they got the correct perp and that he hoped that the network could change its culture for the better.

Williams told FNC’s Megyn Kelly that resigned SVP Ellen Weiss was in fact the NPR executive who informed him that he was being let go, insulting him at the time and refusing to consider his side of the story, or even checking out the entire FNC broadcast during which his controversial remarks were made.

He went on to say that Weiss ran the NPR news department from a liberal point of view, surrounded herself with similarly-minded individuals and created a culture of groupthink that made no room for alternative opinions.

He did not comment one way or the other on CEO Vivian Schiller’s survival, other than to note that she praised Weiss going out while disparaging him publicly upon his own exit. But he noted that he was not part of the review nor was he represented.

The interview with Kelly is available at the Fox website.