July Nielsen Audio – The Live 35


Clark-SmidtAlmost 1/2 way through August and just enough time to digest, interpret and research the Nielsen’s for the start of the new season. Here’s more 6+ PPM radio insights from the May/June/July top line shares. The more we hear and tell radio’s success stories, the more compelling for our tried, true and tested medium. RADIO DELIVERS through all channels. When programs are good, they attract audience and advertisers. Monetize means giving folks what they want; the receive channel is multiple choice.

With any sampling of cluster coordination, positioning and audienceing trends, it’s always helpful to compare every station in every market on a level playing field. Most of the players subscribe in this 13x per year PPM LIVE 35 Nielsen Market Audio Update.

20. DENVER. 6+ Population 2,362,700. Ethnic Comp. Hispanic 21%, Black 6%. 34 of 48 stations subscribe for 71%. Lincoln Financial Media Country KYGO/F rides mille high at #1 5.7-6.2-6.2, May/June/July shares, on the 5th largest cume. Entercom SoftA/C KOSI takes 2nd 5.3-5.9-5.6 and the #1 market cume 704,300. Lincoln comes back for 3rd share position with RymCHR KQKS 5.6-5.5-5.5, ETM ClassicRock KQMT climbs 4.5-5.0-5.3 and a 5th for Clear Channel Media & Entertainment AdultAlt KBCO 4.6-4.6-5.2. Notes: CCU complements their cluster with 6th place ModRock KTCL, steady at 5.0-4.9-4.9 and tied with ETM HotA/C KALC 5.3-4.7-4.9. Entravision SpanishAdult KJMN holds 4.4-4.4-4.5 while co-owned RegMex KXPX slips 4.6-4.2-4.3 to tie with CCU ClassicRock KRFX 3.9-4.6-4.3. CCU wins News/Talk on KOA 4.1-4.2-4.0; also Rock with KBPI 3.5-3.2-3.9. 6 stations bunch up between 3.5 and 3.7 including Wilks ClassicHits KXKL 3.7 and HotA/C KIMN 3.6, Educational Media Foundation ContempChristian KLDV and Public Broadcasting of Colorado N/T KCFR, both score 3.7. There’s a 3.5 tie between CCU RymCHR KPTT and Max Broadcast Group RymA/C KJHM. Largest up or down market fluctuation May-July is ETM ClassicRock KQMT +.8. Total Cluster Shares: CCU 27.1, Lincoln FInancial 16.0, ETM 11.0, Wilks 10.7, Entravision 9.0.

21. BALTIMORE. 2,317,700. EthnicComp Black 29%, Hispanic 5%. 29 of 37 subscribe for 78%. CCU Country WPOC takes #1 share 7.4-7.3-8.4 on the 5th largest cume; their +1.4 increase is the largest market share change. Radio One follows with UrbanA/C WWIN/F 2nd at 7.9-8.1-7.8. 3rd share is #1 cume Radio One UrbanContemp WERQ/F 597,200 and 7.2-7.3-7.5. Ranked 4th & 5th are CBS combo HotA/C WWMX 5.2-6.1-5.8 and A/C WLIF 4.8-4.9-4.5. Notes: Peter and John Radio ContempChristian WRBS/F is a steady 4.6-4.6-4.5 and Hearst TV‘s only radio stations find Orioles baseball boosting News/Talk WBAL 4.2-4.4-4.5 while Rock WIYY slides 3.3-3.1-3.0. Sharmrock ClassicRock WZBA is 4.4-4.7-4.3 and CCU AdultHits WQSR gains 3.6-3.5-4.2. RymCHR belongs to CCU WZFT 4.1-4.4-4.3, CBS Sports WJZ/F slides 4.0-3.5-3.1 Your Public Radio WYPR wins News and ties Baltimore City College Classical WBJC at 2.4. Shares: CCU 18.4, CBS 18.1, Radio One 15.8, Hearst TV 7.5.

22. ST. LOUIS. 2,310,500. EC: Black 19%. Hispanic 2%. There’s almost an even split between subscribers and DNS; 21 of 43 for 49%. CBS News/Talk KMOX is #1 7.9-7.6-7.3 and only the 9th largest cume. Hubbard Country WIL/F is s close second, up 7.5-7.5-7.0, followed by Emmis Rock KSHE 6.4-6.2-6.3. CCU ranks 4th & 5th with Oldies KLOU 6.4-6.0-6.0 and #2 Country KSD 6.0-6.5-5.8. Notes: CBS HotA/C KYKY is 6th 5.3-5.2-5.5 while Hubbard AdultHits WARH has the #1 cume 731,500 and shares 5.1-5.8-5.2. The largest fluctuation is Radio One UrbanContemp WHHL 3.8-4.4-5.2 for a +1.4. CCU adds CHR KSLZ 4.6-4.9-4.8 and RymCHR KBWX at 2.5. University of Missouri N/T KMMU grows 3.4-4.0-4.7 and the remainder of the Emmis cluster has ClassicHits KIHT 4.1-4.2-4.3, ModRock WPNT 3.9-3.8-3.8 and Talk KFTK 2.5-2.6-2.8. Shares: EMMS 17.2, CBS 16.9, HUBBARD 14.5.

23. PORTLAND, OR. 2,124,500. EC is 12% Hispanic, 3% Black. 27 of 50 stations subscribe, 54%. CCU A/C KKCW is #1 Share & #1 Cume 656,500 and 6.8-6.6-7.3. CCU is also in 2nd position with Oldies KLTH 6.4-7.3-6.7. News/Talk Oregon Public KOPB/F goes 6.1-6.7-6.3. ETM Country KWJJ has the biggest jump adding +1.4 to their 4.7-5.4-6.1, and passing Alpha Media Country KUPL 6.3-5.2-5.7. Notes: CCU complementary combo RymCHR KXJM scores 5.4-5.9-5.5 while CHR KKRZ is 4.5-5.1-5.1. ETM stacks up ClassicRock KGON 4.1-4.9-5.0, AdultHits KYCH/F 4.6-4.2-4.5, HotA/C KRSK 4.3-4.2-4.3 and ModRock KNRK 2.9-2.8-3.7. Alpha shows HotA/C KBFF at 3.6, AdultAlt KINK 2.6 and N/T KXL/F 2.4. CCU Classic rock KFWB slides to 3.3, Salem Communications ContempChristian KFIS dips 3.5-3.4-3.0 and All Classical Public Media KQAC trimulcast is 2.3-2.5-2.7. Shares: CCU 30.4, ETM 25.5, Alpha Media 15.8, Oregon Public 8.2.

24. CHARLOTTE, NC. 2,058,800. EC: Black 22%, Hispanic 8%. 23 stations of the 60 listed post shares as subscribers for 38%. CCU Country WKKT is #1 jumping 5.9-6.6-8.1 with a 2nd place cume. CCU also has 2nd and 4th share positions with ClassicRock WRFX growing 6.2-6.9-7.8 and Adult Hits WLKO hitting #1 cume 553,4000 and having the largest fluctuation jumping +2.7 for 4.6-5.1-7.3. CBS wins 3rd and 5th share ranks with Countrty WSOC/F 6.8-7.5-7.7 and UrbanContemp WPEG 8.0-7.7-7.2. Notes: Radio One R&B Oldies WOSF 5.8-6.4-5.9 fits with Gospel WPZS/WQNC 5.4-4.7-5.1. CBS UrbanA/C WBAV slides 6.6-6.2-5.7 while A/C WKQC rises 4.8-5.4-5.4. CBS WNKS 4.0 has the edge in a CHR battle vs. CCU WHQC at 3.8. The Greater Media cluster is an N/T win for WBT, just ahead of University Radio Foundation WFAF/WFHE-A/F. Columbia Bible College ContempChristian WRCM gains 2.5-2.4-2.8. Shares: CBS 31.3, CCU 29.2, Radio One 11, GreaterMedia 6.3.

25. PITTSBURGH. 1,990,400. EC: Black 9%, Hispanic 1%. Just 15 of 50 stations subscribe for 30%. Another Double #1 Win for CCU as Classic Hits WWSW advances 8.0-7.6-8.4 with the #1 Cume 654,500. CCU also secures 2nd & 3rd ranked shares with gains by both Rock WDVE 7.0-8.0-7.6 and CHR WKST/F 6.9-7.5-7.4. CBS Country WDSY/F is 4th, 6.9-7.6-7.3 followed by Steel City Adult Hits WRRK dipping 7.6-7.5-7.1. Notes: Right now, this is not a “big swing” radio market with the biggest May/July share change coming from 6th place CBS Sports KDKA/F +.7 gain in a town where almost everyone wears sports garb to the game! CBS also takes the next two spots with iconic News/Talk KDKA 5.8-5.5-5.3 and HotA/C WBZZ 4.6-4.2-4.5 to stay ahead of Steel City’s HotA/C WLTJ at 4.2-4.2-4.3. CCU ModRock WXDX posts 4.0-2.8-3.4 and Talk WPGB 2.5-2.5-2.4. Essential Public Media‘s N/T WESA moves to 2.1, Pittsburgh Community AdultAlt holds 1.1 and Classical WQED/FM dips to .6. Last weekend proved this to be a delightful city. The very new CCU Country “Bull” already very visible with 104.3 digital outdoor. Frank Iorio’s last week take-over of WJAS-AM was the beneficiary of the CCU major league talk line-up. Thanks to American Urban Networks President Jerry Lopes for the talk and tour. Shares: CCU 29.7, CBS 22.6, Steel City 11.4.

27. SACRAMENTO. 1,866,100. EC: Hispanic 19%, Black 8%. 26 of 38 stations show subscribing shares for 68%. This is a 1-2-3 Entercom market. ClassicRock KSEG is #1 Share, #2 Cume 7.3-7.2-7.9, CHR KDND 2nd share rank and #1 Cume 580,100 with 6.5-6.6-6.1 and Rock KRXQ 5.3-5.0-5.8. CBS A/C KYMX has #4 share 5.6-5.6-5.7 and CCU News/Talk KBFK-A/F is off 5.9-5..9-5.3. Notes: HotA/C matches CBS KZZO 4.7-5.1-4.9 against Entercom’s KUDL 3.4-3.6-3.6. There’s a three way Country race also won by CBS KNCI 4.0-3.7-4.6 ahead of Entravision KNTY 3.6-4.0-4.1 and CCU KBEB 1.8-1.6-2.0. CCU also airs RymCHR KHYL 3.0, Adult Hits KQJK 2.9 and Talk KSTE holding 2.4, while the N/T competition is won by Capital Public Radio KXJZ at 3.1. ETM has Mkt.Exclu. ModRock KKDO 4.3-4.5-4.4, CBS KSFM wins RymCHR 4.6-4.3-4.2 over Entravision RymCHR KHHM that grows 2.8-3.5-3.4. Entravision’s SpanishAdult KXSE had the biggest market swing, -1.0. Shares: ETM 28.8, CBS 16.5, CCU 13.6, Entravision 11.0.

28. SAN ANTONIO,. 1,818,600. EC: Hispanic 53%, Black 7%. 30 stations in, 17 not equals 64%. Cox Classic Hits KONO is stil “The Big Dog” and tied for #1 7.4-7.5-7.4 with #1 Univision RymCHR KBBT 6.2-6.6.9-7.4, posting +1.2 biggest market swing. A Country shoot-out for 3rd-4th has CCU Country KAJA 7.2-6.3-7.0 over Cox KCYY 6.4-7.0-6.4. Univision Tejano KXTN/F is #5 5.1-5.3-4.9. Notes: Cox has MktExclu 4.7-4.4-4.4, Rock KISS/F 3.5-3.8-3.8 and Cox ClassicRock KTKX 2.0, just behind CCU ClassicRock KZEP 2.4-2.5-2.4. CCU wins CHR as KROM collects #1 Cume 608,400 4.7-4.1-4.3 and bests Alpha Media CHR KTFMN 3.3-3.2-3.5. Alpha has MktExclu AdultHits 4.1-4.0-3.3 and N/T KTSA 1.4-1.2-1.5 trailing CCU N/T WOIA 4.5-4.2-3.3 (tied for biggest share swing the other way, -1.2). Shares: COX 25.7, CCU 21.4, Univision 19.6, Alpha 11.0.

29. CINCINNATI. 1,760,700. EC: Black 12%, Hispanic 2%. 24 of 38 stations subscribe at 63%. CCU Talk WLW has legs, red ones, and the #1 Share 11.8-11.6-12.1. Hubbard Broadcasting Country WUBE/F jumps 9.1-10.3-10.7, CMLS Classic Hits WGRR has the #1 Cume 572,500 and 3rd Share 7.4-7.1-7.4 as CMLS Classic Rock WOFX/F has the market’s biggest move +1.8, 5.0-6.3-6.8. Hubbard HotA/C WKRQ is 5th 7.5-5.9-6.3. Notes: Hubbard also has the market’s 2nd HotA/C WREW 4.6-4.0-3.6 plus the 3rd Country WYGY 2.3 just behind CMLS Country 2.4. CMLS has MktExclu A/C WNNE 4.2-4.0-4.2, Radio One with UrbanContemp 5.0-4.7-4.1 and R&BOldies 3.5-3.6-3.3. CCU CHR WKFS slips to 3.8, Rock WEBN at 3.6. Cincinnati Public Radio duo is Classical WGUB 2.6 and News/Talk WVXU 2.5. A very tight race with market Shares: CCU 24.4, CMLS 23.2, Hubbard 22.9. ROI 7.9, Cincinnati Public 5.1.

30. CLEVELAND 1,758,800. EC; Black 12%, Hisopanci 2%. 20 subscribe; 16 don’t. 56%. CCU takes #1 & #1 wins with Adult Hits WHLK #1 Share 9.0-8.8-9.4 and #1 Cume 605,400. CCU also places 2nd with Classic Hits WMJI 9.2-8.9-8.7 and 4th with Country WGAR/F 7.4-7.5-6.8. CBS ranks 3rd & 5th in 6+ shares with Classic Rock WNCX 6.6-7.1-7.2 and A/C WDOK 7.0-6.8-6.4. Notes: Radio One Urban A/C WZAK goes 5.7-6.5-6.1 and ROI UrbanContemp WENZ 5.2-2.9-5.5. CCU News/Talk CCU is off 7.0-6.6-5.8 with a tie for biggest swing -1.2 and doing well with Buzzard icon Rock WMMS 5.2-5.4-5.5, CHR WAKS 4.0-4.0-4.1 and ModRock on WMMS-HD2 is 1.0. CBS has MktExclu HotA/C WQAL 5.7-5.5-5.7 and Sports WKRK/F 2.4-2.0-2.9. Tom Mandel’s Rubber City Radio Smooth A/C WNWV has the biggest jump +1.2 moving 1.7-2.0-2.9. Shares: CCU 41.3, CBS 19.3, ROI 11.6.

31. SALT LAKE CITY. 1,716,200. EC: Hispanic 14%, Black 1%. 33 of 50 stations have their shares published by Nielsen for 67%. CCU CHR KZHT has the #1 Share with 6.3-6.7-6.9. Bonneville / KSL Broadcast SoftA/C KSFI is 2nd, 7.3-6.5-6.7 and KLO Broadcasting HotA/C KBZN is #1 Cume 623,600 and 6.5-6.5-6.4, tied Bonneville with News/Talk KSLA/F 6.8-6.3-6.4. It’s rare to find two N/T stations in the Top 5 but CCU KNRS-A/F tallies 5.3-5.6-6.1 with the largest market swing of +.8. Notes: CCU calls it Oldies and KODJ is 6th share 4.6-5.2-5.0 with CCU HotA/C KJMY growing 3.9-4.4-4.8, Classic Rock KAAZ/F 3.8-4.0-4.0 while Bonneville has Classic Hits KRSP/F 4.9-34.3-3.9. New cluster operator Broadway Media LS, is in new digs and in control of the former Simmons cluster: CHR KUDD/KUDE leads 4.4-5.4-4.8, ModRockKXRK 5.7-4.4-4.3 with the largest market swing -1.4, complementary RymCHR KUUU 3.0-3.1-2.8, 3rd of 5 Country formats KEGA/KEGH flat at 1.9, Adult Hits KYMV slipping 1.7-1.5-1.5 and behind CMLS Adult Hits KENZ 1.8-1.9-2.2 and Broadwaty Sports KALL is .7 but ahead of Larry Miller‘s KZNS .6 and CMNLS KFNZ .4; Total Sports Share is 1.7. Market Shares: CCU 21.2, Bonneville 17.0, Broadway Media 16.0, KLO Broadcasting 7.1.

32. LAS VEGAS. 1,662,100. EC: Hispanic 28%, Black 11%. 32 of 45 subscribe for 71%. CBS HotA/C KMXB leads with #1 Share 6.4-7.0-6.9 and 3rd cume. Lotus takes 2nd on SpanishClassicHits KWID 5.8-5.3-5.9 and CCU A/C KSNE/F is #1 Cume at 487,700 with 6.3-7.1-5.7. 4th share is a steady CBS RymCHR KLUC/F 5.6-5.5.-5.5 and Beasley Broadcast Group has #5 with ClassicHits KKLZ 5.1-5.7-5.4. Notes: Kemp Broadcasting has a cluster of 3 but one of substance in RymCHR KUEG 5.2-5.0-4.6. Lotus Communications adds MktExclu ClassicRock KXTP 4.4-3.9-4.0. Beasley offers a unique RymOldies 5.2-5.0-4.6, AdultHits KVGS steady at 2.0-1.9-1.9 plus one of two Countries in a tight match KCYE 3.0-2.7-2.9 vs. CCU KWNR 2.4-2.7-2.8. Faith Communications Christian KSOS dips 5.9-5.0-3.8 and News/Talk is won by CBS KNXT-A/F 3.5-3.4-3.8 over Nevada Public KNPR 1.5-1.3-1.7 with NPR Classical KCNV up to 1.7. Shares: CBS hits the jackpot 19.5, Lotus 15.0, Beasley 14.7, CCU 11.4, Kemp 5.3.

33. KANSAS CITY. 1,640,300. EC: Black 13%, Hispanic 8%. 23 of 39 subscribers for a 59% showing. Top Spot, #1 Share is CMLS ClassicRock WCFX 6.9-6.7-7.0 with the 3rd Cume with local Carter Broadcast UrbanContemp KPRS 6.7-6.5-6.3 with 2nd share. Wilks Country KFKF/F slides 7.3-6.5-5.8 and ties for #3 share with ETM Hot A/C KZPT 4.1-4.8-5.8, having the biggest market swing at +1.7 and #1 Cume 538.500. 5th share is ETM Country KDAF/F 5.6-5.9-5.3. Notes: Interesting that Wilks has two Country stations with KBEQ/F just a hair behind 5.6-5.9-5.3 for a total of 3 in the format, all with 5 shares. Wilks also has CHR KMVX 5.3-4.7-4.9 and A/C KCKC off 3.1-2.5-2.8. The Wilks KC cluster is being sold to Saul Frischling’s Steel City, Pittsburgh, for just north of $100 million! Meanwhile, ETM Rocks with KQRC 5.9-5.5-5.0, ModernRock KRBZ 3.7-3.9-4.6, MktExclu Sports KCSP-A/F/HD2 2.9-3.6-3.5 and News/Talk KMBZ A/F 3.6-3.4-3.4. The other N/T is University of Missouri (UMo) KCUR consistent at 2.5-2.5-2.6. CMLS completes their cluster with Oldies KCMO 4.9-5.1-5.0. Urban A/C KMJK moves 4.1-4.3-4.9, CHR KCHZ 3.7-3.8-4.3, Adult Hits KCJK 3.0-2.7-2.3 and 3rd in format News/Talk KCMO-A/F/HD2 at 1.2. U. Kansas supplies the only Classical service with the KANU trimulcast showing .7. Shares: ETM 27.6, CMLS 26.2, Wilks 18.7, Carter 7.1.

34. ORLANDO. 1,596,200. EC: Hispanic 28%, Black 16%. 24 of 17 stations listed show shares for 59%. Cox Media leads with #1 Share Urban A/C WCFB 6.8-7.3-7.5 on just the #9 Cume. Central Florida Ed. Foundation ContempChristian WPOZ/WMYZ takes 2nd place 7.9-7.3-6.7 and right behind is Cox Country WWKA 7.0-5.9-6.6. CBS Classic Hits WOCL ranks 4th 5.0-4.6-5.8 and CCU A/C WMGE holds 5.4-5.6-5.6. Notes: 6th share CBS HotA/C WOMX 5.3-5.6-5.4 hits #1 Cume 504,600 and holds at 2.9 with CHR WJHM. Meanwhile, CCU CHR WXXL has the big swing of -1.3, going 6.4-5.9-5.1 but winning the format. CCU also includes Tropical WRUM (AhrrrrReally?) 4.7-4.9-4.6, ModRock WJRR 4.0-4.1-4.4 and top Talk WTKS/F 4.5-4.1-4.1, ahead of co-owned Talk WFLF 1.0. Cox Talk is 2nd in the format WDBO 4.0-3.4-3.7 and News/Talk Community Communications WMFE/F 3rd at 2.4-2.4-2.0. Cox also ties itself with A/C WMMO 5.0-5.6-4.8 and RymCHR WPYO 5.1-5.2-4.8 and Sports WDBO 1.1. Entravision also has a Tropical WNUE at 2.3, Central Florida University‘s Jazz WUCF is a 2.0 and a pair of UrbanContemps are on HD-2: Central Florida U’s and CCU WTKS tie at .7. Shares: COX 27.4, CCU 25.9, CBS 14.1, Central Florida U. 7.6.

35. COLUMBUS, OH. 1,523,900. EC: Black 16%, Hispanic 3%. 17 are in and 21 are not subscribing. 38%. CCU is #1 & 2, #1 Share Country WCOL/F hits 11.0, 10.1, 11.3 with the 2nd Cume. CHR WNCI has the #1 Cume 631,400 and some 150k above their see-saw cluster mate, at 2nd share 10.7-11.0-10.5. Radio One UrbanContemp WCKX is 5.4-6.4-5.3, CCU Talk WTVN 5.5-5.6-5.0 and #5 share is Wilks Classic Rock 4.9-4.6-5.0.

Notes: Radio One UrbanA/C WXMG is in a #6 share tie with CCU Classic Hits WODC, both going & showing 5.6-4.5. CCU also posts ModRock WBWR at 2.6 and ModA/C WCGX holding 2.4. WWCD, Ltd. ModRock is in between at 2.5, Wilks ClassicCountry WHOK/F 1.5, Christain Voice WCVO holds 4.1-3.3-3.3 and News/Talk Ohio State Univiversity 3.1-2.7-3.2 with OSU Classical WOSA .9. Shares: CCU 36.7, Radio One 9.8, Wilks 6.5, Ohio State 4.1.

Let’s take a break and pick up in a few with our recap of the remaining PPM markets from Austin to Hartford. Read between the lines and you find where the opportunities are and what to stay away from. But, our bottom line is RADIO WINS and let’s ALL BROADCAST the message!

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