June Cleaver still top TV mom


PollIt’s been five years since Harris Interactive checked on the popularity of famous TV moms, and for June Cleaver, nothing has changed. She was tops in 2008, and she’s still tops in 2013. In fact, 50s moms do well in general. Current moms, not so much.

Five of the moms are from the doo wop decade, by our reckoning, and another is from the early 60s.

Only one is current, and this mom is notable for being real – Michelle Duggar joined the list at #10.

From Harris, here is the list of most popular moms, with their 2008 rank in parens:

1. June Cleaver, Leave it to Beaver (1)
2. Claire Huxtable, The Cosby Show (2)
3. Carol Brady, The Brady Bunch (3)
4t. Marion Cunningham, Happy Days (4)
4t. Donna Stone, The Donna Reed Show (5)
6. Harriet Nelson, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (6)
7. Lucy Ricardo, I Love Lucy (7)
8. Samantha Stevens, Bewitched (n/a)
9. Rosanne Connor, Roseanne (t8)
10. Michelle Duggar, 19 Kids and Counting (n/a)

Former #8t mom Lorelei Gilmore of Gilmore Girls, and Marge Simpson, alsoa #8t, both fell from the top ten in the current survey

RBR-TVBR observation: Apparently, they don’t make moms like they used to, at least not in Hollywood. We’ve given this a small amount of thought, and are unable to settle on a personal favorite TV mom. However, we note in passing that at least one notable mom who we saw in action quite a bit is missing from the list, and that would be Edith Bunker of All in the Family.

Also not there: My Mother the Car – who no doubt gets better mpg than any other mom in TV history, a fact which nevertheless seems not to have drummed up much support for her top ten mom credentials.