June Nielsen Audio PPMs: The Top 50, continued


Clark-SmidtJust ahead of the “traditional spring book” aka Spring Diary Results, let’s check the remainder of the PPM markets and trend-setters:

37.  Austin.  Emmis (EMMS) Adult Hits KBPA takes #1 share 9.1-9.6-9.5.  Clear Channel CCU follows with Country pair KASE 7.3-7.3-7.8 and KVET 6.0-6.5-5.9.  4th share goes to Crista’s ChristianA/C 5.3-5.3-5.1 and CCU takes the 5th with CHR KHFI 5.3-4.9-4.9.  Observations:  Cumes not reported.  Always interesting to see cluster-mates attack the same format, i.e. CCU.  A well balanced package for EMMS as their presidential call letters KLBJ/A leads the News/Talk race 4.2-4.3-4.4 over U. Texas KUT/F 4.6-4.1-3.8.  Classic Rock KLBJ/F 4.2-4.3-4.4 wins that format as EMMS ModRock KROX is 4.0 and EMMS AAA KSGR over U. Texas AAA KTUX/F 2.8 to 1.6.  Market Cluster Shares:  EMMS 28.9, CCU 24.6, ETM 11.2 and U.Texas/Austin 5.6.

38. Milwaukee.  Interesting market but non-subscriber Saga isn’t shown.  CCU Country WMIL/F ropes in #1 Share 9.5-9.0-10.2 and runner up cume.  Journal Broadcast Group N/T WTMJ 8.3-9.4-8.8, CCU Classic Hits WRIT/F had the biggest 3 book jump to #3 share 6.3-6.5-7.7.  Entercom ModA/C WLUM is 4th and #1 Cume 519,600 while Milwaukee Radio Alliance (MRA, connected to Times-Shamrock) goes 4.5-4.6-4.9.  Observations:  No major swings to the downside other than CCU off .7 with both Talk WISN 4.9-5.1-4.2 and CHR 3.8-3.2-3.1.  Two non-comm News/Talkers register:  U. Wisconsin WUWM 2.7 and Wisconsin Public WHAD 1.3.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 29.5, Journal 12.9, ETM 11.5 and MRA 9.4.

40.  Indianapolis.  NAB/RAB September 10-12!  Radio One (ROI) Urban A/C takes #1 share 6.7-6.9-7.3 with the 11th market cume.  ETM CHR WZPL scores Top Cume 421,000 and advances 5.6-6.1-6.5.  EMMS is 3rd & 5th with Soft A/C WYXB 6.3-6.4-6.3 and Talk WIBC 6.6-6.1-6.0.  4th share is CLMS Classic Hits WJJK.  Observations:  Top 10 formats show a more conservative market as the top 10 rounds out with CCU Classic Rock WFBQ holding 5.9, Country fight CMLS WFMS 6.3-6.3-5.8 vs. EMMS WLHK 6.6-5.7-5.5. ROI RymCHR WHHH off 6.6-5.7-5.5, ETM Hot A/C 4.5-5.0-4.2 WNTR (neat calls) and CCU calling WRZH Oldies moves 3.8-3.7-4.2.  Cluster Shares:  EMMS 21.0,  ROI 15.1, CMLS 13.8, ETM 10.9.

42.  Providence.  #1 Share 87.8-8.9-9.6 and #1 Cume 552,500 belong to CMLS CHR WPRO/F.  Hall Country WCTK is back on a roll 6.4-7.3-7.8 to tie for #2.  CCU Classic Hits WWBB is steady with 7.8-7.7-7.8.  4th share is CCU Rock WHJY 7.0-6.8-7.3 and CMLS A/C WWLI is 5th 7.8-7.8-6.5.  Observations:  Hot A/C WSNE continues to stay out of the Top 5 6.2-5.7-6.0 and CMLS Talk WPRO/WEAN holds nicely at 4.6-4.8-4.9.  ETM Sports simulcast WVEI is Slumping with The Sox 4.7-4.3-4.0 and Davidson’s Class A Tropical WKKB holds a respectable 2.4.  Cluster Shares:  CMLS 24.6, CCU 21.4, Hall 7.8.

43.  Raleigh.  Top share is Curtis Country WQDR 11.6, 10.8, 10.7 on a 3rd cume.  Capitol Broadcasting’s “in transition” A/C WRAL takes a jump to #1 Cume 503,300 and #2 share 6.3-7.9-7.4.  #3 for University of North Carolina’s News/Talk WUNC 7.9-7.3-7.0 and Radio One Urban A/C WFXG/WFXK 7.0-6.4-6.0 ties with Curtis Adult Hits 5.9-6.1-6.0.  Observations:  CCU had a full share jump with Classic Rock  WKSL 4.1-4.4-5.1 to tie with ROI UrbanContemp. doing the reverse, 6.1-6.7-5.1.  Educational Classical WCPE has 4 signals totaling 2.5 and a 4-way tie with ModRock WDCG-HD2, Curtis RegMex WYMY and Capitol’s Sports WCMC/F.  Cluster Shares:  Curtis 26.3, CCU 19.6, ROI 15.8, Capitol 10.3, UNC 7.3.

44.  Norfolk.  #1 Share and #1 Cume belong to Entercom Urban A/C WVKL 11.4-12.2-12.1 and 380,300.  CCU is next with their UrbanContemp. WOWI 6.8-7.2-7.5.  Max Broadcast Group has 3rd place share 4.6-5.4-6.3, ETM Country WGH/F 4.6-5.4-6.3 and 5th is Max Classic Hits 5.2-5.9-5.1.  ETM takes 4th with ModA/C 4.5-4.9-5.3.  Observations:  The released numbers are limited to just three operators, with Max as a new subscriber and the lone solo as Hampton University”s Black Gospel WHOV 1.1-1.1-1.3.  No Saga nor Sinclair Telecable.  Cluster Shares:   ETM 26.4, MAX 19.6, CCU 15.0.

45.  Nashville.  South Central Communications in transit to Midwest Family who takes over #1 Soft A/C WJXK 11.8-10.5-9.6 with #1 Cume 493,1100.   CCU follows with three, CHR WRVW 8.1-8.2-8.0, Country WSIX/F 6.7-6.6-7.6. and UrbanContemp WUBT 7.1-7.2-7.1.  5th share is CMLS Urban A/C WQQK 6.4-7.2-7.0.  Observations:  CCU Classic Rock WNRQ is a market exclusive 5.6-5.7-6.2 while South Central’s Adult Hits runs 5.1-6.2-5.7.  For News/Talk, Nashville Public Radio WPLN wins 3.4-3.3-3.1 over CCU N/T WLAC 1.7-1.9-2.0.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 30.9, CMLS 26.8, South Central 15.3.

46.  Greensboro.  It’s an Entercom market grabbing the Top 4 share positions, including #1 Urban A/C WQMG 10.9-10.7-910.4 with the #8 cume, RymCHR WJMH 8.7-9.6-9.1, Country WPAW 7.5-7.8-7.7 and 4th share ETM Adults Hits WSMW scores #1 Cume 452,7000 with 8.8-8.7-7.7.  CCU A/C WMAG is 5th, 6.7-6.9-7.5.  Observations:  A very close country race finds CCU WTQR 6.0-6.9-7.5 and only trailing WPAW by .4.  Dick Broadcasting CHR WKZL 5.5-5.8-6.1 paired with Classic Rock 5.9-5.7-5.9.  Talk-N/T action has CCU WPTI 2.3-2.1-2.5 followed by Non Comm Wake Forest WFDD 2.1 and the big Raleigh UNC signal .9.  Cluster Shares:  ETM 35.2, CCU 24.1, Dick Broadcasting 12.0

48.  West Palm Beach.   Besides very rapid growth beyond West Palm, Digity Media tops the market with Hot A/C WRMF #1 Share 7.6-7.7-7.7 and #1 Cume 284,900.  CCU has the next two positions with Classic Hits WOLL 6.5-6.0-7.4 and Classic Rock WKGR 5.7-5.7-5.8.  Digity completes the Top 5 with A/C WEAT 5.2-4.5-4.5 and UrbanA/C WMBX 4.2-4.1-4.3.  Observations:  Digity and CCU formats at the top are complementary and coordinated.  Digity Country WIRK goes 3.5-4.3-4.2, while WAY Media ContempChristian WAYF 3.2-3.6-3.7.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 23.5, Digity 20.7

49.  Jacksonville.  The market is all Cox and Clear Channel with the exception of N/T WCJT/F at 3.0.  Cox rocks J’Ville with the Top 2:  WAPE/F CHR #1 Share 7.3-7.4-7.2 and #1 Cume 426.500 and Classic Hits WJGL 6.9-7.6-6.8.  CCU posts the next 3 with Country WQIK 6.6-6.1-5.9, UrbanContemp. WJBT 5.5-5.3-5.6 and CHR WNWW 5.3-5.1-5.5.  Observations:  All market swings relatively tight (less than +/- .4) with the exception of WQIK and Cox ModRock 4.0-4.9-5.3.  Renda is the large operator missing from the equation.  Cluster Shares:  COX 28.3, CCU 26.5.

51.  Memphis.  Elivs lives.  And, so does a photo finish race for the market’s winning cume.  CCU posts #1 & #2 share with UrbanA/C 9.2-8.5-8.9 and UrbanContemp WHRK is 8.5-8.8-8.6.  CMLS R&BOldies WRBO 6.9-7.8-7.8, CCU Gospel WHAL/F 9.7-8.1-7.6 is 4th share and ETM A/C WRVR 5.7-6.3-6.1 for 5th.  The #1 ETM Hot A/C WRVR Cume is 330,300.  WHRK cume is 330,000 and KJMS has 329,300.  Observations:  3 stations within 1000 cume of each other is unique.  ETM also had some nice jumps with Hot A/C WMC/F 4.5-5.1-5.7 and Classic Hits 3.3-3.8-4.1.  Flinn Broadcasting’s RymCHR KXHT grows 4.8-5.2-5.5 and CMLS has the market’s top country WGKX 5.4-6.3-6.0.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 36.2, CMLS 19.2, ETM 18.3.  Flinn 9.0

52.  Hartford.  CBS is 4 out of the top 5 as Connoisseur builds a strong Connecticut package.   CBS #1 Share, again, Soft A/C WRCH/FM 8.5-9.0-8.7 and 2nd cume.  CCU Country WWYZ 8.5-8.2-8.0.  Then, back to CBS for Hot A/C WTIC/FM 6.8-6.4-7.3, RymCHR WZMX 5.9-6.9-6.7 and N/T WTIC 8.2-6.9-6.5.  Observations: Connoisseur’s recently acquired New Haven and Bridgeport clusters now add Rick Buckley’s Classic Hits WDRC/FM 6.6-5.2-6.4 and the WDRC/AM 4 station network around the state that totals .8 in Hartford.  #1 Hartford Cume is 7th place CCU CHR WKSS 370,200.  There are also CCU Classic Hits WHCN 5.8-5.8-6.0 and Marlin’s Classic Rock 4.5-4.8-4.2.  Cluster Shares:  CBS 29.2, CCU 20.5.

We’ll continue with Diary Markets for Spring 2014, starting with Oklahoma City.  As always, “Please Stay Tuned to your LOCAL station…….”

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