Jury finds Entercom negligent in KDND case; $16 million in damages


A seven-man, five-woman Sacramento Superior Court jury has decided Entercom was negligent in the death of a woman who died after taking part in a water-drinking contest sponsored by “The End” KDND (107.9). Entercom must now pay her family $16+ million in damages.

The trial ran 26 days in court before both sides wrapped up their arguments.

The attorney for the family of Jennifer Strange asked for the jury to find that Entercom Sacramento and its parent company were responsible for the 28-year-old woman’s death and award $34 million to her husband and children. Strange died after participating in the 2007 contest in which she and other contestants tried to drink as much water as possible without urinating to win a “Wii” game . Her death was attributed to water intoxication.

Since this is a civil, rather than criminal, trial, the jury verdict did not have to be unanimous. The Sacramento Bee reported that only nine members of the 12-member jury had to agree for Entercom to be held responsible for monetary damages in the death.