Just let us be local


Been in the business building, owning, operating television and radio stations for 40 years.  Every other administration has had a problem with proving localism.  We have proven we do it for 40 years that I know of and they keep asking.  Stupid and a waste of time. You cannot really be a station if you don’t provide local everything.  News, Public Service and caring about your viewers and listeners.  How many times do we have to tell the government what we do.  I have sponsored as many charity events that I could.  Provided the best local news and we hardly ever started with bad news; rapes, murders etc.  Started with good news.  Doesn’t everyone know by now that bad news brings bad actions and good news brings good actions.  We were still number one. 

Debbie Varecha

Varecha Broadcasting

KRYD-FM 104.9 & 92.7

Grand Junction, CO