Just the fax, ma’am


Has the FCC discovered a way to solve the economic crisis? Probably not, but if companies continue to send out unsolicited fax advertising, it may help chip away at the national debt. Meanwhile, broadcasters can breathe a sigh of relief that the draconian policies and astronomical rate card directed at those who would fire off promotional material over a facsimile machine does not generally apply to them. In the latest case, a company called EZPMG Inc. was caught sending out 25 faxes to people who did not want them. 25. The pricetag? $112.5K. That’s $4.5K per fax.

RBR/TVBR observation: We remember when the Turtles announced their intention in “Happy Together” to “call you up – invest a dime.” We know the price of wireline service has gone up since then, but wow. Broadcasters interested in interacting with their fans are hereby reminded to simply send an email. At this rate, 75 faxes would be roughly equal to a major deliberate premeditated f-bomb in primetime on a top station. We’d avoid that, too.