K-LOVE operator spins out of Jackson MO


Educational Media Foundation, operator of noncommercial contemporary Christian network K-LOVE, is usually on the buyer’s end of the transaction table when it comes to a deal for a radio station. This time, however, it’ll be the one collecting the cash and turning over the license.

The station is KRLJ-FM Jackson MO, a town just northwest of Cape Girardeau MO. It’s a Class C3 with 12.5 kW, operating in the reserved band on 89.9 MHz.

The buyer is Pure Word Communications, headed by Gary Brothers, Jennifer L. Cross and Benjamin IK. Cross. They will plunk down $11K into an escrow account and bring the remainder of a $220K total price tag with them on closing day.

According to the application, when closing day comes, KRLJ will be the only station in the Pure Word portfolio.

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