K-Love operator spins Texas FM


Contemporary religion specialist Educational Media Foundation has been one of the most prolific buyers of radio stations in the nation over the past several years, both in and out of the noncommercial band. But every once in a while it sells one, and this is one of those times. And in a trading era where many commercial stations are going noncom, this one appears headed in the other direction.

The station is KGCE-FM, is licensed to Post TX. The community serves the area directly southwest of Lubbock TX, on the lower portion of the Texas Panhandle. When we say directly, we mean that the station’s 60 dBu contour takes its audio right to the city limits.

The buyer is BWB, which calls itself a Texas partnership. The principals have known each other for some time – James G. Boles is the father of his partner, Cathy J. Whitten.

They will pay $200K cash for the station, a Class C2 on 107.3 MHz with 22 kW @ 748’.

Boles owns two other full power stations – KCTX AM & FM in Childress TX. That combo is also located in the Panhandle, near the state’s border with Oklahoma. It is well to the northeast of Post and poses no multiple ownership implications.

EMF, headed by Mike Novak, runs noncommercial religious programming networks on a wide network of mostly owned and operated stations serving areas all over the US.