Kansas City and college radio spots examined


Media Monitors took a look at college advertisers, Kansas City and their use of spot radio. Last week in Kansas City, these were the spots heard on the radio. #1 was the SHANE COMPANY with 759 spots. Zooming into #2 from #8 the previous week was the KANSAS SPEEDWAY with 648 units, while LEE’S SUMMIT MITSUBISHI was #3 running 620 commercials. VINSON MORTGAGE GROUP was #4 with 572 spots and SHAWNEE MISSION HYUNDAI was #5 airing 523 announcements. SHAWNEE MISSION KIA was #6 with 522 spots, while NEBRASKA FURNITURE MART was #7 with 460 units. HOME DEPOT was #8 running 364 spots and TOYOTA was #9 with 340 spots. And finally, #10 on the K.C. SPOT TEN was LOWE’S with 336 spots.

Colleges and universities that advertised on the radio the most: STRAYER UNIVERSITY, with campuses from New Jersey to Florida was #1 running 1613 spots. Very un-turtle-like, The UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND came in #2 with 657, while Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY was #3 airing 418 units and SOUTHWEST FLORIDA COLLEGE was #4 with 364 spots. NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, based out of California, Nevada and Military bases, was #5 running 363 commercials. Florida’s Statewide Career School, KEISER UNIVERSITY was #6 airing 331 announcements. WALSH COLLEGE, out of Troy, Michigan was #7 running 328 spots, while the Christian school out of Pennsylvania, WAYNESBURG UNIVERSITY was #8 with 310 spots. STAUTZENBERGER COLLEGE, with their main campus in Maumee, Ohio was #9 running 295 spots with the UNVERISTY OF PHOENIX coming in 10th with 287 spots.

On the NATIONAL SPOT TEN last week, HOME DEPOT was back in at #1 last week running 27,774 spots. The HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #2 airing 27,181 announcements. FORD LINCOLN MERCURY was #3 with 21,375 spots, while GEICO ran 20,692 ads at #4 and VERIZON was the 5th biggest radio advertiser running 19,869 spots.