Kansas noncom FM CP changes hands


One religious noncommercial radio operator filed to sell a Manhattan KS FM construction permit to another as 2010 was about to segue into 2011. Now, according to brokerage of record Kalil & Co., it’s a done deal.

The station is KYAH-FM CP. It’ll be a Class C3 on 89.9 MHz with 11 kW @ 230’ when all the screws have been turned and bolts have been tightened.

The seller is Network of Glory Inc., headed by Lola Richey, and the buyer is Great Plains Christian Radio Inc., headed by Robert D. Hughes.

The price is $74K cash.

Manhattan is in a non-rated zone well to the west of Topeka. The main geographical reference points for the town are Tuttle Creek Lake just to the north, and more importantly, Fort Riley Military Reservation just to the west.