Katie Couric to co-host The View on August 3rd


Former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric is set to make her first on-air appearance under her new contract with ABC. She’ll be co-hosting “The View” on Wednesday, August 3rd.

“We have some very exciting news to report! In just a couple weeks, on August 3rd, Katie Couric herself will join The View in an unprecedented guest co-host appearance! We’re positively thrilled to welcome such a journalistic and television icon to the show. Perfect way to close out Season 14, don’t you think?” The View announced on its online blog.

Couric is pictured (right) with Barbara Walters in a previous appearance as a guest on The View. As it happens, both were once co-hosts of NBC’s “Today” show. The View did not specify which co-host will be vacationing the first week of August when Couric appears as a fill-in.