Katz 360 taps Rubicon Project for secondary premium display ads


Katz 360 Sales, the digital sales arm of the Katz Media Group, is delivering national and local advertisers a way to reach audiences across premium websites in addition to its Radio and TV website clients. By using the Rubicon Project’s Internet advertising infrastructure, Katz 360 is now able to sell premium display ad inventory and deliver targeted audiences across the web’s largest sites.

A new sales structure is being created to support the Audience Representation business, focused on selling a new class of inventory—called secondary premium display advertising—which is made up of premium inventory sold by third-parties rather than publishers’ own sales teams.

The Rubicon Project’s technology, through the Rubicon onDemand platform, enables customized content and audience selections for advertisers across 40 billion monthly impressions representing 500 million unique Internet users and 20,000 premium publisher websites.