KBB rates the best used cars


Auto / Buying a CarThe slump that has afflicted the vehicle-dealing business, which they are just coming out of to broadcasters’ mutual benefit, has created a lack of supply in used car inventories – and low supply is one of the two elements that feed high prices. Kelley Blue Book shines the spotlight on the models that are most worth advertising.

KBB has identified what it believes to be the top ten used cars out there that can be had for less than $8K.

“To come up with this handy list of top used cars, first we compiled all the used cars from 2003 and newer with a Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Value of less than $8,000 as of January 2013,” said Jack R. Nerad , executive editorial director for Kelley Blue Book ‘s KBB.com. “Then we went through the list and handpicked the 10 standouts with the most appealing mixes of reliability and desirability. The vehicles on our short list offer incredible value for today’s budget-conscious car shopper.”

Here’s the list, with the KBB suggested price in parens:
1. 2005 Honda Civic ($7,392)
2. 2011 Hyundai Accent ($7,717)
3. 2004 Toyota Camry ($7,321)
4. 2004 Honda Element ($6,882)
5. 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ($7,997)
6. 2005 Mazda MAZDA3 ($7,743)
7. 2004 Honda Odyssey ($6,816)
8. 2005 Volvo S60 ($7,390)
9. 2004 Ford Mustang GT ($7,328)
10. 2003 Acura TL ($6,768)

RBR-TVBR observation: We do not think we need to tell you what to do with this information. But just in case – we would go to local dealer websites in our idle moments and see if they have any of these models in stock. If they do have more than one or two, we’d be paying them a visit real soon.