KCAD, KZRX tower collapses from butte shift


Another tower takes the fall in North Dakota: Two local Dickinson radio stations went off the air 6/1 in the evening when their tower northeast of town collapsed after the ground beneath it shifted, Jeff Glaser, Dickinson Clear Channel Radio business manager told The Dickinson Press. The tower is unsalvageable.

KCAD “Roughrider Country 99.1” and Rocker KZRX-FM “Z92” will be back on the air when a temporary tower is in place. Said Glaser: “The shifting took place on an anchor that pulled the tower down. I think it’s more of a sink. There are cracks up there and it almost kind of looks like an earthquake.”

The incident is believed to have been caused by saturated soil. Parts of the tower landed on a nearby transmitter building, causing minor damage, Glaser said. No one was injured. The tower and building are the only structures in the immediate area, he added.

About a half-mile south of the tower that fell, a dozen other towers still stand on the next butte. A new communications tower is being erected on a nearby butte that’s host to other towers. Hopes are the new tower is will be up by the end this month.

Officials have reported several landslides and other water-related incidents in southwest North Dakota in recent weeks.