Keke does it again


This is what local is all about. Peak Broadcasting’s KSAS (103.3 Kiss FM) and Keke Love are doing it again this year for child abuse. The event began Sunday at 11:00am and runs through Saturday The 25th at 5:00pm.

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Said Said Peak President/Operations Bill Figenshu: “2008 Keke Luv risked his physical and mental health last year staying awake and on the air for 175 hours to raise awareness of child abuse. The whole world listened and watched live on

The Idaho Statesman and all local television stations had daily updates of Keke’s fight to stay awake. The feat soon got worldwide attention when National Fox News interviewed Keke during his fifth day.

His accomplishment was honored on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. He began getting letters from people in Japan and Ireland. People from Jerusalem wrote to tell him that they were praying for him at the Western Wall.

Keke’s dedication gave numerous children the courage to speak out about abuse that they were being subjected to at the hands of family members.

This year, Keke Luv is taking his message to the streets. He’s running for 175 hours, on every street in the Treasure Valley, spreading the message that it shouldn’t hurt to be a child. With streaming video and a GPS
tracker on the website, Keke is setting out on an even more dangerous and challenging undertaking.

In 2008, doctors told Keke it was impossible to stay awake for over seven straight days. But Keke proved them wrong saying all he has to think about is the pain that abused children face every day and use that as motivation. 2009 will be no different.”