KeKe Luv comes thru for Child abuse: awake for 8 days


Peak Broadcasting Boise’s KISS-FM DJ KeKe Luv has once again completed a grueling marathon for child abuse awareness and advocacy: this time he stayed awake for eight straight days—192 hours. It’s a record for KeKe, and his marathon stint on the radio ended at 5 p.m. Friday.

In the past, KeKe ran seven marathons in seven days and stayed awake for seven days to raise awareness about child abuse prevention. The extra 24 hours this time was dedicated to Robert Manwill, the eight-year-old boy who disappeared last summer and was later found dead in a local canal.

KeKe said having no sleep for eight days was more difficult than running all those marathons. He was allowed to take one 15-minute break for every eight hours, but even then he didn’t sleep.  He mostly ate.

And you would think that KeKe must have had gallons of coffee to stay awake for that long.  KeKe says he stayed away from caffeine and sugary foods that would have given his body too much of a sugar high and then crash.  He wanted to make sure he stayed healthy during those eight days.

He was looking pretty tired, which is expected after eight days of no sleep, but the real success was in the number of people he reached through the week.  Many of them came out to thank him, reported KTRV-TV Boise.

His well rested supporters came out to share all of their energy with Keke during his final hour. Only Keke wasn’t counting down to his bedtime.  He was making the most of every moment he had left for child abuse awareness.

“Time to make a change, a difference, you know if we have five hours left, counting it down is not like, it’s over with, but counting is like time that we have before we leave here to try and make a difference, and get some people to try and make some changes in their lives,” said Keke.

Finally at five o’clock, when it was done, was thankful for everyone’s support.

“I got calls at 3 o’clock in the morning ‘Keke, you’re looking tired,'” he said. “Well I was going to go change and then go out tonight… hit a couple of clubs… My boss is staring beams through my head right now, so I’ll probably go and get some rest,”

He says he’ll do it all again next year.

RBR-TVBR observation: Cause-oriented on-air marathons certainly aren’t as common as they used to be, and they’re pretty tough. While we wouldn’t suggest anyone attempt something quite this herculean, it’s a great way to get your community tied in with the station – with heartstrings, that is. If any of your talent are involved in worthwhile causes such as this, it is certainly worth talking about. But again, eight days should not be expected out of anyone. Congrats, Keke!