KeKe Luv to go “Live for 175” again in Boise


For the third consecutive year, Peak Broadcasting’s 103.3 Kiss Fm Radio ( Boise’s morning host and program director KekeLuv (Steve Kicklighter) will again broadcast for 175 consecutive hours 7 days without sleep to coincide with April as Child Abuse Prevention Month while bringing attention to this significant local cause. Keke will add 1 sleepless day dedicating the 8th to Robert Manwill and the children hurt this year due to child abuse (192 consecutive hours – 8 days without sleep).

This award winning event will commence on Thursday (4/8) at 5pm and continue nonstop until 4/16 at 5PM. Keke will deprive himself of sleep and stay on the air 24/7 to bring attention to this tragic, preventable issue. His medical condition will be continually monitored by professionals in order to ensure a safe and successful campaign.

In making the announcement, Kevin Godwin, Senior VP of Peak Broadcasting/Boise said, “With the tragic child abuse stories we have followed in the Treasure Valley over the past year, 103.3 Kiss FM’s Live for 175 is more important now than ever.”

Assaults on kids’ ages one through nine is the second cause of death here in Idaho.” As a parent, and resident of the Treasure Valley, this is a tragedy.” If we can use the significant power of 103.3 KISS FM to prevent one senseless act, this will all be worthwhile.” He continued “In 2008, about five days into Live for 175, we were very close to taking Keke off the air. He was so disoriented that I was very scared for him and once I told him that, he just got this amazing energy that carried him all the way to the end.”

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (Children Division), almost 2000 kids were victimized last year in Idaho. Keke remarked “We can’t allow anymore Robert Manwill cases to happen. There have been weekly abuse cases in the news that could have been prevented. We have to come up with solutions and hold ourselves accountable to the safety of these kids moving forward. The common theme will be, “NO MORE”.

Keke said “The biggest motivation that keeps me going is the love and amazing support from our Kiss listeners. They want the same thing I do, for child abuse to stop! All we ask is that you make a note this week to listen to the incredible stories and how we together can make a difference…tune in longer, log on often, and give me the encouragement for the energy this body will need to complete this important community effort.” “IT SHOULDN’T HURT TO BE A CHILD”

This year, each morning blue colored “Child Abuse Awareness Wristbands” will be distributed throughout the Treasure Valley at various Dutch Brothers Coffee locations. Kiss FM afternoon host Lucky Tha DJ will begin his day broadcasting from a different location. Listeners will be able to watch Keke broadcast live and chat with him online at