Kentucky AM nailed for file violation


Meade County Communications is the licensee of WMMG-AM Brandenburg KY, a station which turned out to have a deficiency when an FCC agent came by for an inspection 8/18/10. The station one more on the long list of stations that have suffered a fine due to a public file omission.

There are many ways to fail a public file inspection, but it seems the most common is the failure to include issues/programs lists. And that indeed was the omission in the case of WMMG. The lack of lists was extensive, going back six years (24 quarters).

According to the FCC report, staffers were able to get there hands on documents that they said provided evidence of programming relating to issues in the local community.

However, this didn’t fly with the FCC. As the Commission put it, “The documents provided to the agent during the inspection did not constitute issues/programs lists and, in any event, were not in the public file.”

The station has been hit with a notice of apparent liability for the standard $10K, and is ordered to submit statements swearing under penalty of perjury that the lists are both being compiled and placed in the file.