Key dates for LPTV


LPTVThe FCC has set the date for a pre-auction webinar in which issues of concern to the LPTV community will be addressed. And an LPTV rally will convene at this year’s NAB Show in April.

Mike Gravino of the LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition says his organization was informed by the FCC that a webinar will be held 2/10/15, hosted by the Media Bureau and the Video Division.

Gravino said, “With the LPTV NPRM comments and reply comments submitted by then, the FCC will know what to talk with our industry about. So mark your new calendars for that date. When the Chief of the Media Bureau called to tell us the news we requested that the industry could submit questions ahead of time, as well as during the event.”

Also announced was the LPTV rally to be staged at the NAB Show. It will be held Sunday 4/12/15 from 5PM to 7PM at a location to be determined.