Key Macro Strategist, Economist Tapped For BCCA Seminar


ORLANDO — Noted Macro Strategist and Economist Richard Hastings will discuss U.S. Metro and State Ranks and Movements in an opening keynote address at the 2018 Media Credit Seminar.

The full-day event will be held on Thursday, October 25, at the offices of Lowenstein Sandler LLP, 1251 Ave of the Americas, in Midtown Manhattan.

“Hastings will provide a visually compelling journey through state and metro area rankings and population movements, including how these trends influence regional and local opportunities for media providers,” said Mary M. Collins, President/CEO of BCCA and MFM, the Media Financial Management Association.

Collins’ announcement was released while she attended the 2018 Radio Show.

Hastings serves as Business Intelligence Analyst and Economics Advisor to the Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals, a professional association with roots dating back to 1895.

Hastings has the rare ability to monitor and master multiple subjects at the same time. During May 2018, Hastings presented on natural gas and climate at a renowned accounting conference, and a few weeks later provided the keynote about Amazon, digital commerce, and neurological mechanisms of ecommerce consumer behavior.

Hastings is well known for his warnings in 2006 and 2007 regarding the housing market and subsequent financial crisis. In late 2008, he predicted the stock market rally that began in 2009. During early October 2016, Hastings forecasted the electoral college victory by President Trump in the 2016 elections.

He most recently served as the Macro Strategist with the investment bank Seaport Global Securities.

In addition to the formal sessions, the Media Credit Seminar serves as an opportunity for media credit professionals and executives from across the country to come together to share ideas and best practices for the ever-changing media credit and collections function.

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