Keystone Light unveils new "Unsmooth Moments"


Mistaking a telephone conversation for a pick-up line. Doing a touchdown victory dance after running the ball into the wrong end zone. Decidedly unsmooth moments. Keystone Light comes to the rescue as the one thing that can be counted on to be consistently smooth. The always smooth beer is launching new TV, out-of-home, radio and online executions of its popular "Always Smooth. Even When You're Not" campaign.

Keystone Light will bring its campaign to the online world through an advertising buy on Keystone Light banner ads will direct consumers to where Break will post its user-generated videos of embarrassing moments. The campaign will runs from 5/25-8/25.

In addition, Keystone Light will continue its partnership with Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period, The Speed Report and the Bob & Tom Radio Show by bringing daily unsmooth moments to audiences nationwide.
In the new television spots, Keystone Light drinkers will be seen getting into unsmooth situations while trying to impress women in the beer aisle of a convenience store. The brand has also unveiled attention-grabbing billboards that appear to be posted upside down.