KFC campaign aligns with Adult Swim


KFC / Kentucky Fried ChickenLast summer, KFC changed the game for bite-sized chicken with its introduction of Original Recipe Bites. A year later, the brand is turning up the heat with the launch of Hot Shot Bites, 100% whole white breast meat bites, seasoned in a hot and spicy marinade and then hand breaded in KFC’s famous Extra Crispy breading.

KFC’s TV spot for Hot Shot Bites features a young man who meets a young woman at a party, and instead of breaking the ice with a corny pick-up line, he simply offers her one of his Hot Shot Bites. Things start to “heat up” when she tastes the hot and spicy product and her response is literally a slap in the face, after which she takes the remaining Bites from him.

KFC and Adult Swim have partnered to give fans of the TV network the chance to hand-pick its next pilot. The fan-controlled “Adult Swim Pilots brought to you by KFC” contest features six prospective plots – a mix of animation, live action and stop-motion animation – that are being made available for fans to preview at www.adultswim.com/pilots. Two pilots are featured on the site each week and fans can watch and rate them. The highest-rated and most-watched pilots will then go head-to-head during the week of 8/12, with the full episode of the overall most-liked program debuting on Adult Swim the following week.