KFC goes surfing to find commercial stars


"The Bucket's Back." That's the theme of the latest round of commercials from Kentucky Fried Chicken, and what's brought it back is the abandonment of trans fat. An 0:15-second spot trumpeting this fact is headed for television, and the message is that America is celebrating this new development. In fact, it will be average Americans doing the celebrating.

The ad will feature excerpts from 13 different videos from ordinary citizens that have been posted online. According to USA Today, KFC found 35 separate celebration videos it liked and got permission from the creators, and filtered that down to the 13 actually being used for the commercial. Draftfcb  developed the spot, and its going to debut tonight on American Idol.

One of the featured viral stars is Kelly Brinson, who happens to be a frequent and unsuccessful Idol auditioner. Draftfcb Chicago's Tom O'Keefe said, "The KFC brand itself is a genuine real-people kind of brand so using consumer generated content just made sense." And as USA today noted, it's a lot cheaper than using professional talent.